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The art and science of Nami cooking focuses on the relationship between food and health. Studies conducted in the scientific community have demonstrated that making adjustments to one’s diet can assist in the prevention or management of a range of health issues, including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

There is a lot of information on diet and nutrition that can be found in the media, but not all of it is evidence-based and not all of its sources are considered to be reliable. Dietitians, on the other hand, are the only certified health professionals who are able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat issues related to food and nutrition.

On the next pages, you will learn what a dietitian does, how one may get educated to become a dietician, and how one can locate a dietitian in their local region.

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Health and development depend on nutrition. Better nutrition improves newborn, child, and mother health, strengthens immune systems, makes pregnancy and delivery safer, and reduces the risk of non-communicable illnesses (such as diabetes and heart disease). 

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